Fred Ouïd

Fred Ouïd

Fred Ouïd silicone closure

Fred Ouïd silicone closure

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Features :

  • N°5 Red : Spicy haze taste
  • N°7 Green : Fruity strawberry taste


Our CBD is sources from Swiss suppliers, grown indoor without fertilisers

Best Taste

How confusing cannabis can be! It took us several years to get into this market until we made sure to understand exactly what exactly was relevant. Fred team are occasional smokers and we are simply looking for the best taste! Yes, haze taste is slightly more “uplifting” whereas strawberry is more “relaxing” but at the end what is for us most important is taste. 

We offer 2 different variants which we believe address most of peoples taste preference for a legal product. EU legal limitations are strong and don’t be fool by marketing blahblah : CBD content, terpenes do vanish when THC is extracted. Our objective has always been to select the best strains which will keep the taste you are looking for. In Switzerland were THC level isn higher, we have more room to define exactly the “impact” we are looking for and the strains we are using are different from those available in EU. 

Quality lies in the Details

If we did not believe in the quality of our CBD, why did we spend so much in packaging? It isn unique, made in France and all details have been carefully examined to make you proud of your choice.


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