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By Benoit Rossignol – Founder of Fred

Fred’s adventure started in 2004 in my small flat located in the center of Lausanne on the banks of the « lake Geneva » . I remember the cartons of cigarettes piling up in the middle of my bedroom waiting to be delivered; I remember the walls covered by « Post-It » sticky notes with « do not forget » systematically written on each of them ; I remember my colleague Gaëtan who took the reckless decision to join me from the start, browsing through all the books my « ex girlfriend » had left to find the ideal quote which would conclude the « thank you » note placed in all package we would ship; I remember the face of my skeptical friends, their eyebrows creased with compassion, while listening to my unalterable faith into the potential of this little brand. Today we sell 200’000 packs every month in Switzerland and Germany combined. These quantities still represent a drop of water compared to big multinational sales but thousands of people trust us and buy our products daily. At Fred, we are all conscious about our responsibilities toward our clients: our communication can be provocative but this « freedom of speech »  results from uncompromising product quality and compliance with legal environment framework.

 Fred is a collective adventure and I would like to thank our customers, distributors, partners who continuously supported us and trusted us since the beginning. New growth opportunities such as electronic cigarettes, OTP, legal cannabis are paving the way for Fred expansion in new segments where our team creativity and flexibility proves to be a major asset. New products which will soon complement our portfolio cannot dream of better environment to be successful. 


Fred is present in Switzerland, Germany, Portugal and France.








Benoit Rossignol

+41 78 778 5352
Switzerland and France : administration and sales

Frédéric Perriard

Switzerland and France : administration and sales
+41 79 813 2627
Switzerland : Sales and Event/Partners

Antoine Panchaud

Switzerland : Sales and Event/Partners
+41 78 646 13 00
Germany : Country Manager

Tanna Enderlein

Germany : Country Manager
+49 172 3425059
Germany : Sales & Events (joined on 10/23, be nice!!)

Jens Abeler

Germany : Sales & Events (joined on 10/23, be nice!!)
+49 152 02182640


We are here for you! Any question, please drop us a mail and we will make our best to answer as soon as possible! 

The Boss is quite old school and disorganised : feel free to call him directly :

+41 78 7785352

Here are our addresses


Fred & Fly Sàrl
Côtes de Montbenon 30
1003 Lausanne

Tel: +41 21 311 5025


Fred & Fly GmbH
Prenzlauer Allee 36
Aufgang G
10405 Berlin

Tel: +49 172 3425059

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